Yoga, Meditation and More

In the Studio and

In the Community.

We love growing our yoga community in the studio space. It's quiet, restful, beautiful, and whole. But there's nothing better than encouraging those same sensibilities in the "outside world", to share the beauty of our practice, to bring peace when troubles arise, and just to have some yoga fun.


We bring yoga events to community venues and to the studio as well, always striving to meet your needs and interests. During the summer months, we like to head to the outdoors, while in less weather-friendly times we search out venues that allow people to feel welcomed and happy to be there. 

Some events are free of charge. Some ask for a "love offering" to cover costs of music, refreshments, or the venue. Others have fees attached and registration requirements. We'll always be clear about that as we invite you to attend and participate in our events.

All events and special workshops can be found here on the website, on our Facebook page, and through MINDBODY. Download the app so you'll always be in the know and ready to register!

Up Next

Myofascial Release + Yin Yoga

We've designed a very special workshop for just six participants. Combining Yin Yoga with Myofascial Release to bring you comfort, release and relief.


Led by Pat Leitzen Fye, E-R.Y.T. and Sara Piper, L.M.T./M.F.R. Practitioner.

Pat will lead you in Yin Yoga poses that focus on the spine and hips while Sara will apply Myofascial Release touch techniques to help the body release and restore. M.F.R. is an amazing healing technique. Added to Yin Yoga, this special 90 minute class will aid in releasing "sticky", injured fascia (the body's connective tissue) allowing opening and healing of tight, achy joints and muscles.

$50; limited to six participants. Pre-registration and payment required.

November Happy Hour Restorative Yoga

On Gratitude

November gives us lots of opportunities to be grateful, especially during the Thanksgiving holiday which reminds us how very fortunate we are - family and friends and food. Community and connection and comfort.  This Happy Hour will joyfully encourage gratitude and how to notice - every day - the many good things in life.

Movement to warm the body. Words and music and restorative poses to warm the heart. 

5:30 to 7:00 p.m. Friday, November 8 2019

Last Happy Hour Restorative Yoga for 2019

Winter Solstice 

Don't you just love winter? Cold nights, brilliant starry skies, glistening snow and ice?  No? Me either.  

But seriously, there is much to love about winter, and celebrating the Winter Solstice is a good way to start.


Join us to offer up some reverence to this, the beginning of the long, dark sleep of nature. Our poses will be deep, Yin Yoga poses, held long enough to step inside ourselves and release tension and tightness in both body and mind.


Words and music to match - beautiful, restful, moonlit.

5:30 to 7:00 p.m. Friday, December 20 2019