Yoga, Meditation and More

In the Studio and

In the Community.

We love growing our yoga community in the studio space. It's quiet, restful, beautiful, and whole. But there's nothing better than encouraging those same sensibilities in the "outside world", to share the beauty of our practice, to bring peace when troubles arise, and just to have some yoga fun.


We bring yoga events to community venues and to the studio as well, always striving to meet your needs and interests. During the summer months, we like to head to the outdoors, while in less weather-friendly times we search out venues that allow people to feel welcomed and happy to be there. 

Some events are free of charge. Some ask for a "love offering" to cover costs of music, refreshments, or the venue. Others have fees attached and registration requirements. We'll always be clear about that as we invite you to attend and participate in our events.

All events and special workshops can be found here on the website, on our Facebook page, and through MINDBODY. Download the app so you'll always be in the know and ready to register!

Up Next

We're very happy to once again swing wide open the doors of our yoga studio, offering in-person classes with appropriate distance and recommended precautions. 

Our usual line-up of workshops and special events is temporarily on hold as we wait, patiently, to see how the pandemic plays out over time. Here in Illinois, and in our city and county, we've done a pretty good job of keeping infection rates low so we're taking a bold leap of faith here and re-scheduling our Happy Hour Restorative Yoga sessions for the rest of the year. See below!

Much love to you - stay well!

Gong Meditation - Outdoors!

Join us for an amazing Gong Meditation - this time outdoors rather than in the studio, at Oakdale Nature Preserve.

Just $30 per person for this 90 minute experience of bliss and nature. Call us, 815-287-1545, to register, or just click on the the handy "register here" button below!

Happy Hours

Well, things are going well here at Your Core Being's Yoga Studio, post-COVID shutdown and re-opening. It is impossible to predict what will happen next, but here in our city and county, we're doing a great job of caring for each other - wearing masks, keeping our distance, not gathering in crowds, dining outdoors at our restaurants and bars. Let's keep it up!

I'm going to put these dates back out, so you can put them in your calendar. And we'll just hope that we all remain healthy and safe between now and October. During the pandemic time, we're switching from 90 minutes down to 60 minutes for Happy Hour, just another little way of keeping us safe. Happy Hour begins at 5:30 p.m. With fingers crossed, here are the upcoming Happy Hour Restorative Yoga classes:

Friday, October 16, "Fall in Love"

Friday, November 20, "A Deeper Grace"

December 18, "Winter Solstice" (a favorite!)



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