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We love growing our yoga community in the studio space. It's quiet, restful, beautiful, and whole. But there's nothing better than encouraging those same sensibilities in the "outside world", to share the beauty of our practice, to bring peace when troubles arise, and just to have some yoga fun.


We bring yoga events to community venues and to the studio as well, always striving to meet your needs and interests. During the summer months, we like to head to the outdoors, while in less weather-friendly times we search out venues that allow people to feel welcomed and happy to be there. 

Some events are free of charge. Some ask for a "love offering" to cover costs of music, refreshments, or the venue. Others have fees attached and registration requirements. We'll always be clear about that as we invite you to attend and participate in our events.

All events and special workshops can be found here on the website, on our Facebook page, and through the Wellness Living app so you'll always be in the know and ready to register!

Outdoor Yoga!


Yoga in the Park


We're doing Yoga outside this summer because it feels soooo good!  One Thursday afternoon per month at 4:30 p.m. you'll find us at local parks, soaking up fresh air and sunshine and all the good vibes the earth and sky offer to us.  On those Thursdays there will be no in-studio class. If it's raining, though, we'll meet at the studio instead of outdoors. Here's the schedule, put 'em in your calendar!

June 24 - Krape Park Statue Garden (near the tennis courts)

July 22 - Read Park Statue/Fountain (behind the tennis courts)

August 26 - Krape Park Flagstaff Hill

September 23 - Oakdale Nature Preserve

Yoga at the Market​

Bringing our "homegrown" yoga to the farmer's market in downtown Freeport! Join us one Saturday each month at 9:00 a.m. for an easy-going fun practice, then roam the market and fill your bag with delicious locally-grown veggies and homemade products. Maybe even find a special something from the artisans who bring their wares to the market. And take a moment to chat with the local growers - it's so good to know where your food comes from and when it's local, it's even better.

July 11

August 7

September 11

You'll also find some of our favorite products at the Your Core Being booth - select essential oils, McNess products, and if you're lucky and get there early, you can grab some of Pat's delish Chunky Granola or "Daily Bread". 

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