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Yoga, Meditation and More
In the Studio and in the Community.

We love growing our yoga community in the studio space. It's quiet, restful, beautiful, and whole. But there's nothing better than encouraging those same sensibilities in the "outside world", to share the beauty of our practice, to bring peace when troubles arise, and just to have some yoga fun.


We bring yoga events to community venues and to the studio as well, always striving to meet your needs and interests. During the summer months, we like to head to the outdoors, while in less weather-friendly times we search out venues that allow people to feel welcomed and happy to be there. 

Some events are free of charge. Some ask for a "love offering" to cover costs of music, refreshments, or the venue. Others have fees attached and registration requirements. We'll always be clear about that as we invite you to attend and participate in our events.

All events and special workshops can be found here on the website, on our Facebook page, and through the Wellness Living app so you'll always be in the know and ready to register!

Happy Hour Restorative Yoga
One Friday per month,* 5:30 to 7:00 pm

Register online or give us a call at 815-297-1545

april happy hour.png


Join us on Friday, April 14 2023, 5:30 to 7:00 pm for the April Happy Hour Restorative Yoga.


It's finally here - Spring! The arrival of spring with its warm sunshine, sweetly-scented breezes, and green shoots and buds everywhere, reminds us that we too can be reborn, renewed, refreshed in this new season, that like the brilliant spring sun, we too can Shine!


Its your time to shine! Join us for a practice filled with light, followed by the loveliest of relaxing restorative poses, designed to make you shine brighter from the inside out.


$18 drop-in, or part of your yoga package. Space is limited, so advance registration is always highly recommended!


may happy hour be free.png

 ~ be free ~

What could possibly be better than being free?

We too often limit ourselves, we frequently hide our own light, we stay hidden so as not to disturb, make a scene, be noticed, be found wanting. We create artificial boundaries that keep us from feeling open and alive.

And yet . . . We are made to be free.

Join us on Friday, May 19, 2023, 5:30 to 7:00 pm when we'll return to the amazing practice of Yin Yoga, to release the sticky spots in the connective tissues, free up the clutter in our minds, send our spirits soaring.


As Yin Yoga is best practiced with "cold muscles" we'll lead off with a guided meditation to center us, gain presence, and prepare for the inner strength and solitude that comes with Yin poses, long held. Yum - a little taste of freedom.


$18 drop-in, or part of your yoga package. Space is limited, so advance registration is always highly recommended!

*No Happy Hours from June through September.

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