Yoga Instructors

Irena Tolliver

Irena was drawn to yoga over a decade ago when she was looking for a way to gracefully ease into mid-life while maintaining optimal health.  She holds certifications in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Hatha Yoga.  Currently she is completing trainings for her 200 RYT.  Irena guides participants in mid-day classes with an emphasis on gentle, Hatha Yoga.  Her goal is to allow students a chance to relax and re-energize as a respite from workday stresses.  Students will often find her classes themed by seasons, the full moon, holidays, the use of props, or different areas of the body.  Irena is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach with a passion and personal experience in plant-based eating.  She often infuses tidbits of healthy eating and lifestyle tips as an added bonus of wellness in her yoga classes.  Off the mat, Irena utilizes her body strength, peace of mind, and loving spirit from her yoga practice in caring for an adult daughter with autism.

Laura Youngblut

In addition to teaching Yoga, Laura is a licensed massage therapist and registered nurse.  Laura uses her education and experience of anatomy and kinesiology to look for ways to help each student create their best practice.  Laura actively listens and watches movement and alignment of the body in each pose as she encourages modification of, or deepening into the poses.  Regardless of the number of students in the class, each sequence is taught with YOU in mind.

Audrey Duede

Audrey started practicing yoga five years ago when she was invited to attend a class with a friend.  She fell in love with yoga that night and has continued to practice regularly since then.   She soon started to look for modifications to the poses that were appropriate for her body, and to share those modifications with the other students. That is what has led her to teaching.


She is currently pursuing certification with Yoga for All, to be able to teach more effectively those students who have felt that yoga wasn’t for them – that they are too fat, too old, or too stiff.   She  encourages a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in her classes to help students feel at ease  and comfortable.  Audrey believes that yoga is for every body, and there is no one who cannot benefit from the practice.