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Gifts of the Spirit 

Reiki and

Beyond Quantum Healing 




30 minutes $ 45.00


60 minutes $70.00


90 minutes $90.00



Beyond Quantum Healing





Vicki Johnson

Vicki Johnson, Massage Therapist

Vicki Johnson, LMT, Reiki Master,
Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner

Vicki Johnson is a Reiki Master/Teacher for nearly 20 years and has practiced Beyond Quantum Healing for three years. Before she became a practitioner of the healing arts, she was a social worker, doing counseling work with teenagers in group homes and as a specialized foster parent for high-risk kids. her passion has always been to help people heal from their past so that they can be more self-empowered and align more fully with who they are meant to be.

Vicki's main focus is on those who have lost loved ones, experience abuse in any of its various forms, or have experienced any kind of trauma. She helps facilitate the movement of energy and emotions that are being held within the body as the client is ready to release them. This allows them to open to more love and joy in their lives. The practice of Reiki helps to cleanse and align the Chakra energy system in the body. 

In a Beyond Quantum Healing session we utilize a guided meditation with some hypnosis to help you let go of your conscious, logical brain. Then the goal is to go within your own heart in search of guidance and wisdom. It has been Vicki's experience that BHQ helps bring people to a deeper awareness of themselves and their life's purpose. A BHQ session can be very transformational. 

Sessions typically run one to two hours but can be as long as three hours.

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