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Vicki Johnson, Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist


Damon studied at Rasmussen College, completing requirements as a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2010.   In 2011, working with Jeff Primack's "Supreme Science Qigong", he was certified as a Level I Qigong Healing Form Instructor. This form helps people become aware of the energies all around us and how to tap into their healing potential.


He has received Wu Style TaiQi training through Nourishing Life, from Kai Van Bodegom-Smith, Lac. The Wu Style allows one to take their Qigong training deeper to more healing levels; he was recently certified as an instructor of Wu Style TaiQi.

Damon's training and his personal practice allows him to see and believe that bringing the breath into balance is the key to effortless action, energy, and healing. 


You can schedule with Damon online or by calling us at 815-297-1545.