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What a long haul this pandemic has been. It looks like we may be reaching, finally, a new normal that will find us once again enjoying each other's company without so much distance, and maybe without face coverings as well!  The State of Illinois will remove the mask mandate for most public spaces at the end of February. We will continue to encourage face coverings for those yoga students who are unvaccinated, but otherwise we too will lift our mask mandate come March 1, 2022. Please check with our individual massage practitioners for their preferences while in their care.

As always, we keep everything clean and tidy - Saucha in practice - this won't change. We will continue to have props available for your use (and will clean them properly) though you are still welcome and encouraged to bring your own props .

Let's all put Ahimsa to work - If you haven't yet, please get your vaccine. Love and care for yourself and for others.  We WILL get through this, and we THANK YOU for your continued understanding and support. 

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