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body. mind. spirit. it all comes together here.

Welcome to Your Core Being!

We welcome you to our Wellness Collaborative - a space filled with warmth, beauty, serenity and growth. Our friends and clients return again and again to soak in all that great energy and by doing so, they all leave a bit of their positive energy with us, creating a wellness center that truly defines wellness.

Whether you're here for the Yoga, the Health Coaching, or the Reiki, Massage, or Myofasical Release, we know you'll too return often, and we love seeing you each and every time you walk through our doors!

We know that COVID is likely to be with us always, that we've moved out of the pandemic and into an endemic stage of this dreaded virus. As always, we keep everything clean and tidy - Saucha in practice - this has always been our practice and won't change. In the yoga studio, we will continue to have props available for your use (we keep them clean!) though you are still welcome to bring your own props. We tend lovingly, in the spirit of Saucha, to keep our Wellness Collaborative fresh and sparkly.  Let's all put Ahimsa to work - If you haven't yet, please get your vaccine or booster shot - it's easier now than ever! Love and care for yourself and for others. 

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You won't want to miss this! It's an amazing opportunity to settle in and soak up the beautiful sounds of crystal alchemy bowls, played specifically to bring rest, relaxation, and healing to the body, mind and spirit.

This sound immersion is led by Jenny Stoddard, certified in sound healing with the Crystal Cadence Sacred Science of Sound. The bowls are crystal alchemy bowls, each made of a different mineral, creating a unique tone and vibration. That vibration lands in the body, releasing negative energy and allowing the system to flow more freely. The sound is deeply relaxing, anchoring, and a good way to set - or revisit - your intentions for the new year. 

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